Soma and Shamanism

Soma and Shamanism:
Third Thursday of the month, 9-10:30 PM ET/6-7:30 PM Pacific
Making Soma @9, Shamanic Practice @9:30

Join us on Zoom

Amanita Muscaria has a long history of high dose use by shaman for the purposes of healing and wisdom. In this zoom we will discuss methods to fully decarboxylate ibotenic acid for high dose journeys (making soma), learn and practice essential shamanic healing together (core shamanic practices witch arise cross-culturally), and share our experiences. There will be time to journal and draw. All levels of experience welcome.

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“David’s Soma and Shamanism class was very transformative for me. I have experienced David to be a very humble and intelligent shaman. He has a calm demeanor and his voice is akin to a rope leading me into the underworld. I found knowledge that was confirming and profound and may just lead to a new tattoo!” Amanita Dreamer