Microdosing Psilocybin

Aloha, and thank you for your interest in joining our microdosing family. Microdosing is the use of small amounts of psychedelic compounds at levels that are sub-perceptual to create change and growth in our lives. 

To decide if psilocybin or amanita is right for you read this.

Our protocol with psilocybin:

You acquire pills at .1 grams and take one more every 3 days until it’s noticeable (slowly increasing the dosage). Noticeable means the colors are brighter but the flowers aren’t winking at you. So on the first morning you take one. On the fourth morning you take 2. On the 7th day you take 3. Etc. Start low and go slow. The highest dose you did NOT notice is your microdose. Then we set you up with 6 weeks of at that dose. 

This process takes approximately 2 weeks and by the end of the second week you’ll be microdosing every third day, and stacking this with meditation or yoga on day one, a new habit on day two and a creative reflection like art or journaling on the third day. There’s lots of science behind this and we will go over it together in detail should you choose to join us. 

Once a week we get together for individualized coaching. This includes traditional hypnotherapy and gestalt work to help you achieve your goals over these 6 weeks. 

During the 6 weeks you can also reach out to David by text- he is very responsive. 

**Please don’t use these interactions to source medicine, that is still illegal, but for people who have access to medicine, or live somewhere its legal, we are here to support and optimize your experience.**

** I am neither a medical or psychiatric doctor; I will never diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric conditions.***

Everyone who works with us does so of their own free will and takes full reasonability for their own experience. That being said, clients routinely have transformative experiences and often see lasting positive changes after a single 6 week protocol. 


There are many reasons people microdose:

The most common reasons are to break or start a new habit, spiritual or creative evolution, overcoming addiction, tapering off other psychiatric medications, maximizing performance, and a sense of connection to all life. Common side effects are self love, better choices, the sense that you belong in your own body/life, an ability to tolerate difficult emotions, and improved social contact.

A key concept in microdosing is stacking. The most common stack is lion’s mane, since is is also highly neurogenic. We like to stack behaviors in addition to herbs and mineral supliments.

A word about safety:

Please tell us if you have a serious medical condition, psychiatric condition and if you are on any medications. This is especially true for psychiatric medication and we are happy to work with you and your psychiatrist to create a protocol for modifying or getting off your meds if thats appropriate. I will double check all your medications for possible interactions prior to the start of the protocol.

*The worst part of this process, according to most people, is finding the right dose. There will be one day in your first two weeks as we calibrate the dose that you may feel uncomfortable, even as an experienced psychonaut. This is because between the microcode and the psycholytic dose there is a minidose, which can produce mild paranoia and existential discomfort. This does is too high for microdosing and is the final step before staring a full 6 week protocol. We just want you to know this up front so its not a surprise when it happens. Most clients navigate this transition with courage and we’re sure you can too. Once we start the protocol its smooth sailing, and you’re not likely to have the experience again.


“I’ve just signed up for a second course of micro-dosing with David. My first course was a year ago but good effects continue to ripple through my day-to-day life. The benefits have been substantial and lasting. My life is, simply, better. The dose was carefully determined specifically for me and interfered in no way with my ability to think clearly, go about my day efficiently or to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Instead, the usual bumps and wrinkles of the day were smoothed out; everything seemed easier; I didn’t feel the need to procrastinate; it was so easy to reach just a little bit farther and get things done. Creativity reclaimed its place in my life again. David is an empathetic, inspired, caring coach. I learned so much; and built a skill set to continue my personal growth. David meets you where you are with wisdom and compassion.” -Wulf T