Microdosing Amanita

Aloha, and thank you for your interest in joining our microdosing family. Microdosing is the use of small amounts of psychedelic compounds at levels that are sub-perceptual to create change and growth in our lives. 

To decide if psilocybin or amanita is right for you read this.

Our protocol with amanita:

With amanita we use a reverse titration protocol which means that once you find your microdose, you take it less and less often and watch the effects. 

First you’ll be making tea for yourself. There’s a dozen reasons why this is the simplest and most consistent way to use this mushroom. Check out our Tea Service, which includes a half hour one on one for guidance on making and dosing the tea.  

Once you make your one ml. ice cubes you’ll be taking one more every 2-3 days until it’s noticeable. Noticeable means you’re pain free and your traumas feel neutral. So on the first evening, 1.5 hours before bed, you take one. On the fourth evening you take 2. etc. The highest dose you did NOT notice is your microdose. Then we set you up with 6 weeks of at that dose. 

Now that you have your microdose you begin the protocol. Take your dose every day for 3 days, then every third day for 3 cycles, and then every fifth day for five cycles. Many people land at taking it once a week for maintenance but those with chronic pain often go back to short pei rods of daily use, while those with childhood trauma tend to settle on every third or fifth day. 

Once a week we get together for individualized coaching. This includes traditional hypnotherapy and gestalt work to help you achieve your goals over these 6 weeks. 

During the 6 weeks you can also reach out to David by text- he is very responsive. 

Full details below:

Thank you for your interest in my plant medicine services. This work is very close to my heart and I’m so honored to be able to share this journey with you. 

** I am neither a medical or psychiatric doctor; I will never diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric conditions.***

Everyone who works with us does so of their own free will and takes full reasonability for their own experience. That being said, clients routinely have transformative experiences and often see lasting positive changes after a single 6 week protocol. 


There are many reasons people microdose:

The most common reasons are to release chronic pain, manage PTSD, soothe childhood trauma and treat ADHD. Common side effects are feeling at home in your own body, a stronger sense of boundaries, the sense that you belong in your community, an ability to tolerate difficult emotions, and improved social contact.

A key concept in microdosing is stacking. The most common stack is mineral supplements, especially quercetin and other compounds derived from big trees. We like to stack behaviors as well, like contact with trees and nature, running water and sunlight (vitamin D plays a huge roll in the story of amanita). 

A word about safety:

Please tell us if you have a serious medical condition, psychiatric condition and if you are on any medications. This is especially true for sleep medications and benzodiazepines. We are happy to work with you and your psychiatrist to create a protocol for modifying or getting off your meds if thats appropriate. I will double check all your medications for possible interactions prior to the start of the protocol.

This medicine does not mix well with alcohol at all and many people report the effects are muted by daily cannabis use but we believe the healing still occurs behind the “smokescreen”.