“David is a true metaphysician, with an inborn knack for synthesizing complex threads from various modalities into a cohesive, clear, and coherent whole. ”  – Ashley R

Shamanism is not a religion, it is a set of tools for living in an animist world. Anamism is the simple belief that the physical beings we encounter – rocks, trees, animals, people and places – have a spirit whcih is not phyical and that the spiritual aspects of beings interact on a spiritual plane. Shamanism seeks to help us live in a complex world and conduct ourselves in ways that maximizes the benefits of interacting in a spiritual realm.

Shamanism can help people who feel lost or tired, are troubled by their past, or want to make a move toward a more open and ecstatic life. Shamanism can help dissolve blockages and support a more radiant state of health for clients. 

Shamanism is near-universal among our ancestors and still widely accepted in many cultures all over the globe. Common features of shamanism include journeys to other worlds, trance states with plants or drums and a focus on spiritual beings to engage in healing or teaching. Shamanism is not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective. Since the West overwhelmingly lost its shamanic knowledge centuries ago due to ongoing Christian genocides, it is particularly important that we in the West embrace our shamanic roots. 

Shamanism includes teaching clients to alter their consciousness through classic shamanic non-drug techniques such as drumming or breathwork, so that they can discover their own hidden spiritual resources, transform their lives, and learn how to help others. 

The three forms of shamanic healing are divination, by which we determine how the illness arose and how to reframe it for everyone’s benefit; extraction, whereby something which does not belong is removed; and retrieval where something lost is returned to the system. Extractions range from light purification with sage to entity clearing and spirit release. Retrievals include simple blessings and the reintegration of soul parts. 

Generally decades of training are required to perform these ceremonies with spirit beings as our allies. A gentle and discerning hand and eye is needed to ensure the medicine heals at spiritual and astral levels. 

This is what people are saying about Bear Eagle Medicine:

“I have received direct and remote healing from David Samas several times over the past four years with unequivocal, positive results. I have referred him to friends and relatives with both chronic and critical health issues, all of whom have reported beneficial and often lasting, ongoing improvement. Recently, David helped to turn the tide for my dear feline companion who was near death, in home hospice. I’m deeply grateful to report he is hale, hearty and happy today.” -Wulf T

“David is a talented and sensitive healer who patiently taught me how to breathe and feel whole in my body again after 12 years of pain and confusion wrought by western medical interventions. I now feel my own guiding spirit and share these techniques with the adults and children at the school where I work. It’s changed how I relate to the entire world.”- Samantha M

“I’ve been a tourist of shaman and healers for 25 years and David is the real deal. He instantly saw through my projections and diagnosed the blockage that was frustrating me. I put him on retainer for 6 months but my whole world transformed when after a month of sessions my dream job fell into my lap. When I had a health emergency he was there for me with the kind of compassion I didn’t even get from my family. A gem.”  – Mitchel R

“I have experienced David to be a very humble and intelligent shaman. He has a calm demeanor and his voice is akin to a rope leading me into the underworld. I trust David implicitly and it is my honor to work with him.” -Amanita Dreamer

“David changed the trajectory of my life.  In a sacred medicine session with another friend he brought healing light into my life for the first time.  I experienced a change in my perspective which led me to more healing and the ability to stop using antidepressants I’d been prescribed for 35 years. David is a powerful, compassionate healer.” – George D