“David is a highly caring, attentive, and trustworthy guide. His deep knowledge and understanding of the process was a constant beacon, and his compassion and care served as a gentle reminder that there were no wrong answers or silly questions. He’s a fantastic human and I wholeheartedly recommend his services.” – Daniel T

Aloha, and thank you for your interest in joining our microdosing family. Microdosing is the use of small amounts of psychedelic compounds at levels that are sub-perceptual to create change and growth in our lives. 

There are many reasons people microdose:
The most common reasons are to break or start a new habit, spiritual or creative evolution, overcoming addiction, tapering off other psychiatric medications, maximizing performance, improving boundaries, clearing chronic pain or childhood trauma and a sense of connection to all life. Common side effects are self love, better choices, the sense that you belong in your own body/life, an ability to tolerate difficult emotions, and improved social contact.

Amanita vs Psilocybin

There are several factors that help us decide to take amanita or psilocybin for our first round of microdosing. 

The first is medications. If you’re on an SSRI we cannot recommend psilocybin because of the small risk of serotonin syndrome. However amanita travels in the gaba pathways and is perfectly safe to stack with serotanergic meds. 

Amanita synergizes poorly with alcohol, ketamine, sleeping pills and anti anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines. In these cases psilocybin is perfectly safe and effective. 

Psylocibin is a non-specific amplifier and will amplify whatever is going on on your psyche so if you’ve been volatile or unstable then perhaps amanita is for you. 

Amanita is a non-specific dissociative so for people who feel distant and detached psilocybin may be the ticket. 

Psilocybin will grow new nerves, this expansive quality can feel boundaryless and infinitely connected. The old term ego death has been replaced with a concept of oceanic boundlessness which in studies has cured treatment resistant depression. 

Amanita (specifically ibotenic acid) is a nerve leigioning agent. This leads to an experience of firm boundaries and a sense of community that is distinct and in which one feels whole and loved.

If you need more guidance to decide what might be right for you, contact us @ [email protected]

“I’ve just signed up for a second course of micro-dosing with David. My first course was a year ago but good effects continue to ripple through my day-to-day life. The benefits have been substantial and lasting. My life is, simply, better. The dose was carefully determined specifically for me and interfered in no way with my ability to think clearly, go about my day efficiently or to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Instead, the usual bumps and wrinkles of the day were smoothed out; everything seemed easier; I didn’t feel the need to procrastinate; it was so easy to reach just a little bit farther and get things done. Creativity reclaimed its place in my life again. David is an empathetic, inspired, caring coach. I learned so much; and built a skill set to continue my personal growth. David meets you where you are with wisdom and compassion.” -Wulf T

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